Focus on production, design of medium and high-end lace, embroidery, sequin

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We are factory which specializing in machine embroidery and the largest embroidery base in central China, we aim to produce high quality embroidery fabrics, lace fabrics and sequin fabrics.

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Service Module

ODM/OEM production                                 

Business starts with an idea

No need to own a factory and cumbersome management, you just need a good design idea, then leave the rest to us, from making samples, to production, then to packaging and delivery, you would start your wonderful business journey.

customized production according to offered sample

Professional material analysis

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your sample process and materials,make our new sample according to your original parameters and send back to you; We will start to do mass production after your confirmation that everything is correct.

Big businesses starts with small samples

If you have a hot-selling pattern and need to reduce costs,or possess your own creative design, or are looking for a favorite pattern fabric, please contact us, and a wonderful business journey start immediately.

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Customer case

Due to the requirements of customers' non-disclosure agreements, we only show some customer patterns that are willing to share.
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Leading design concept

we will launch new patterns and styles every month!
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Big businesses start with small samples

and a good beginning often starts from a chat!
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