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Focus on production for making fabric more reliable

short lead time

Unlike other China production factories that only have one or two workshops, we have 76 large-scale production plants and 330 automatic CNC production equipment, which can provide customers with stable and high-quality products continuously. Lead time is strictly guaranteed.

Flexible production

We can produce several colors or patterns of a product at the same time, which is several times the production efficiency of general factories, and our minimum order quantity is lower than that of competitors, helping enterprises to explore market better and faster.

Strict Inspection

Two steps of inspections: During the production process, once the machine detects line breaking, it will automatically prompts an alarm to ensure the pattern production is complete and clear; After the production is completed, the fabric is manually inspected for a second time by human inspector. That the defective product rate reduces to be 0 is the goal that we always pursue.

Complete Certifications

Our production strictly follows ISO and CE standards, and can provide top customers with OEKO TEX certificate,organic cotton certification and other necessary ones for market development. The factory plants meet the China low-carbon environmental protection requirements, and the factory area has a lot of plants.

More competitive prices

We adopts factory direct sales, without trading companies and middlemen. Our price is closer to the material costs; A large number of orders can significantly reduce other costs, and it has an excellent advantage for large-scale production enterprises to purchase.

Clothing/Accessories/Fabric Factory
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