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Factory introduction

From the most powerful fabric production base in central China

The factory park covers an area of 60,000 square meters and is composed of 76 workshops with 670 front-line workers. The park is mainly engaged in the production and processing of embroidery, sequin and lace.

Different from other areas, we have our own industrial parks, internal roads, and our own logistics and delivery stations. Every day, we deliver products fabrics to all over the world.

High-quality automated production environment

The industrial park has fully realized mechanized production, with 280 production machine tools and 50 imported machine tools. The machines can produce 24 hours a day according to the order volume. The high automation rate reduces the dependence of equipment on personnel. Each worker operate multiple sets of production equipment at the same time.

Reliable production equipment

Mechanized quality inspection, the machine automatically prompts an alarm if line breaking, numerical control monitoring is adopted in the whole production process. At the same time, secondary manual inspection is arranged. Before rolling, each yard of cloth is inspected. Carefulness is a necessary condition for the success of all things.

Good living environment for employees

Each factory has staff dormitory, and the interior adopts a two-lane design. In response to the call for low-carbon environmental protection, a lot of plants has been planted in the industrial park. We insist that good production and living environments would improve the enthusiasm of front-line employees.

Abide by international standards

We strictly abide by ISO production management standards, with years of production experience, we can provide customers with OEKO TEX certificate and provide essential support for high-end brand customers.

Exploring globe market

Our customers are all over the world, mainly in France, Italy, Germany, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Japan, Russia etc.We have our own offices in Russia and Japan.

Strict non-disclosure agreement

Usually, a pattern can determine the success of an enterprise. The confidentiality of customer information is our top priority from beginning to end. Unless the customer allows, we will not disclose customers' information and patterns to any individual or enterprise information.

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