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Shop Owner/Self-employer

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Low Minimum Order Quantity

For small shop owner or self-employer engaged in fabric sales, a large amount of inventory will reduce working capital and increase operational difficulties. Unlike general factories who require you to purchase a large number of orders for a single pattern, we suggest that you adopt the model of more patterns with less stock quantity, so as to let you provide better service to your customer, increase your order, working capital, and makes business easier.

Wide Selection of Patterns/Adequate Stock

We are the only factory that integrates production, design and sales in the sector. We have a database of lace, sequin, embroidery patterns, and we have inventory of some patterns, allowing you to start your business at a very low cost.

Flexible delivery methods

Our industrial park has its own logistics system, which can deliver goods to every trade port in China. At the same time, we have multiple delivery methods, such as international express UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, EMS, SF Express, China-Europe freight trains, shipping export etc.

Flexible payment methods

In addition to direct company transactions, we also support main payment methods, such as paypal and Western Union. We aim to try our best to reduce your difficulties in the early stage and let you to fully explore the new market.

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Shop Owner/Self-employer
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