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Inspiration is valuable only when it is realized

Support Making Sample

Many excellent designers became famous because of an inspiration, but more designers give up because they could not find a suitable factory to produce in the inspiration realization stage. We aim to help those excellent designers to complete their wonderful works. We support making sample, You only need to provide your AI, PS or hand-drawn design drawings, then let us help you to realize your dreams.

Professional Advice

From design to making sample to mass production ,we need continuous adjustment and professional technical support to provide you with more comprehensive improvement suggestions .In terms of pattern, we will also provide you with easier optimization suggestions based on previous production experience.

Material Process Selection

A good design is important, but in order to have a better end-use using effect, it is inseparable from the selection of the right material and production process. The comfort of cotton, the elasticity of spandex, the cost-effectiveness of polyester, and the weave density of the bottom are things that designers need to consider. Our production engineers will provide you with more suggestions based on years of experience.

Fast Mass Production

Participated in the whole processes of design and making sample, we have experience that our competitors do not possess, plus our own strong production strength. Once your product is favored by market, we can quickly mass-produce your products, so that your inspiration can occupy the market quickly.

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